• TS1301 | Tin Side Detector Lamp

Tin Side Detector Lamp

Our NEW Tin Side Detector (Model# TS1301) allows you to determine the tin side of float glass. The instrument can test clear float glass or glass with other specialty coatings in most applications.  When the lamp is placed on the tin side of the glass, the fluorescing lamp image glows visibly. When placed on the non-tin side, the lamp image appears normal. 

Improved Features

This new design is powered by only 3-AA batteries (included); however, it runs 50% longer than competing models. This new instrument is centered around a custom-designed UV source that is more rugged and efficient than previous models.  The Tin Side Detector Lamp is a VALUABLE tool for laminated glass, screen printing, tempered glass, and specialty coating applications.

No Price Increase

We've kept the price the same while adding features and improving the quality of our previous tin-side detector. The TS1301 is budget-friendly and a valuable tool suitable for most applications. For more demanding work environments, see the Commercial Model.

About Tin Side

During the production of float glass, one side of the molten glass comes into contact with a bath of molten tin. Traces of tin or tin dioxide metal are deposited on the surface of the glass as it is removed from the molten tin bath. This glass surface is identified as the "TIN SIDE" surface of the glass. The opposite side of the glass is denoted as the "AIR SIDE".

The presence of the tin is invisible to the human eye. Glass processors find it beneficial to know which surface of the glass is the tin side surface since the tin side of the glass results in a smoother surface (among other reasons).

When the Tin Side Detector lamp is placed on the tin side surface, the tin will turn fluorescence and produce a milky white image visible to the human eye. If you place the lamp on the non-tin side of the glass, the lack of tin results in no fluorescence; therefore, only the duller image of the lamp is seen.


  • Custom-designed UV source that is more rugged and efficient than previous models.
  • Powered by 3-AA batteries and runs 50% longer than competing models.
  • Budget-friendly model. To learn about the Commercial Tin Side Detector, click here.
  • Made in the USA.

User Manual Download

TS1301 User Manual (English, Français, Deutsch, Español)

TS1301 | Tin Side Detector Lamp

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