• * GC3200 | Glass-Chek ELITE (Glass Thickness Gauge Meter)

Glass-Chek ELITE - The Best Glass Thickness Gauge Meter On The Market


Now Detecting Laminated Glass!

The Glass-Chek ELITE is a versatile glass thickness gauge meter ideal for various applications, including glass replacement, field installation and servicing, production spot-checking, and building inspection. It provides accurate results and eliminates guesswork, making it a valuable tool for anyone who works with glass.

Watch the video and see how easy the GC3200 Glass-Chek ELITE is to use:

The Glass-Chek ELITE has some significant advantages over previous models, including:

NEW: Identify Laminated Glass 
Identify laminated glass in a window, and measure the thickness of the laminate inner layer. In a special operating mode, users can also identify which piece of glass has the Low-E coating when the Low-E surface is placed against the laminate inner layer.

NEW: Graphical Display with Window Illustrations
The new Graphical Display shows the window drawn approximately to scale and assigns numbers to each piece of glass and glass surface in the window. This is a great visual aid in understanding the exact makeup of a window and identifying the Low-E coated surface.

Glass Thickness Meter Display 

Thickness display includes glass,
air space, laminate, and overall thickness.

Glass Thickness Gauge Display 

Low-E display, including location
and type of Low-E coating.


Measuring Triple Pane Windows:
Measure glass, air space, laminate thickness and the overall IG thickness of triple pane windows with a single push as shown in the example above. The number of panes of glass, laminate layers and their thickness are shown on an easy to understand graphical display along with the type of Low_E coating that is used in the construction of the window.

Low-E Coating Types

* GC3200 | Glass-Chek ELITE (Glass Thickness Gauge Meter)

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