• CM1030 | Low-E Contact Meter

Low-E Contact Meter

The CM1030 detects any conductive surface, including Low-E coatings on single sheets of glass. Simply press the meter against a piece of glass to determine whether the surface you are touching contains any conductive (Low-E) coatings.

The tester uses four (4) non-scratch pads on its backside that prevent damage to coatings and provide a fast, easy test - ideal for the manufacturing environment.

Please Note: The CM1030 works on single panes of glass only by directly contacting the test surface. Since Low-E Coatings are oriented on the inner pane of IG units, the CM1030 is not suitable for use on manufactured IGs. Please see the Etekt + if you need to test manufactured windows.

The CM1030 has a unique design that allows you to test hard coat (pyrolytic) or soft coat (sputter) Low-E coatings. Because of the ultra-sensitive design, the meter can detect most coatings protected by a thin protective dielectric coating.

The CM1030 is specifically designed for the manufacturing environment. Due to the meter's simplicity, production personnel will need minimal training to understand the meter's indication. The CM1030 is great for identifying the orientation of Low-E glass as it is being placed into the washers or assembled into insulating glass assemblies.

Product Features:

  • Ultra-sensitive design detects all conductive coatings, including hard or soft coat Low-E applications.
  • Identify Low-E in production easily and prevent costly mistakes
  • Non-scratch pads prevent damage to coatings
  • Great quantity discounts and private labeling are available
  • Suitable for single panes of glass only. Please see the Etekt + if your testing application is anything other than single panes of glass.

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CM1030 User Manual

CM1030 | Low-E Contact Meter

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