CM2030 "The EDGE" Low-E Coating & Edge Deletion Detector

Ergonomically Designed for Your Hand's Comfort!

 "The EDGE" Low-E Coating Detector is an inexpensive option for glass and window manufacturers who must determine if there is a Low-E coating on the top surface of the glass.  This rugged little instrument is the perfect product for testing your single panes of Low-E in production.  The design allows for testing Low-E coatings in the Center of the glass as well as Edge deletion on the perimeter of the coated glass.  Features include an edge/stop on the bottom of the enclosure for convenient edge deletion testing. 

How to Use:

The EDGE Coating Detector uses two non-scratch pads to test the glass surface via conductivity.  Simply press the device against the glass, and an indicator will illuminate if you are touching the conductive Low-E coating on the top surface of the glass.  The absence of the illuminated LED will confirm no Low-E coating is present, or that the glass was properly edge deleted.  The EDGE detector has been approved for testing all Low-E Coatings.

Now every company can offer their own Branded EDGE Detector to their customers or dealer networks.

The EDGE can be used as a promotional device that companies will be excited to add to their branding.  In 100-piece quantities, the product can be branded with custom logos or marketing messages.  What a great way to show appreciation to your customers, dealers, or team members.  Imagine equipping them with a practical tool that EVERYONE in the glass and window industry needs while promoting your company at the same time.

The efficient instrument is powered by a single battery and will provide a long life of measurements before replacement is needed.  There is also a loop designed into the sleek, ergonomic enclosure that allows you to add it to a keychain or lanyard in your workplace.  It is a convenient size that will easily fit into your shirt pocket or cutter pouch.  Equip all your production or factory personnel with this inexpensive device so everyone can be checking for the Low-E surface, or proper edge deletion throughout the day, eliminating manufacturing mistakes.


  • Perfect tool for the Factory!
  • Approved for testing all Low-E Coatings
  • Check for Low-E coated glass surface
  • Determine if the glass was properly EDGE DELETED

User Manual Download

CM2030 User Manual

CM2030 | "The EDGE" Low-E Coating Detector

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