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The ETEKT + is the Industry Standard and has played an essential role for glaziers worldwide for over 30 years. With the release of the AE1601 (third generation ETEKT+), we've improved the reliability and temperature stability of the meter without compromising the features our customers have grown to love. Locate invisible Low-E coatings on IG units with a definitive, non-destructive test.

Testing Single-Pane Glass

Testing Double Pane Glass

The IMPROVED ETEKT + Low-E Coating Detector allows you to:

  • Confirm the invisible Low-E coating is correctly installed on your double pane IG units with a single test from a single side. You can also test a triple-pane window by testing both sides. For full triple pane Low-E detection, see the Glass-Chek PRO & Glass-Chek ELITE.
  • During IG fabrication, ensure proper orientation of the Low-E coated glass so the brushes of the glasswasher do not damage it.
  • Prove to the customer that the invisible, money-saving Low-E coating is on their windows before installation.

Features and Details:

  • Being handheld in size and powered by a standard 9-volt battery (included), the ETEKT + is entirely portable.
  • Compatible with 3/32" through 1/4" SINGLE pane of glass.
  • Also compatible with 3/32" & 1/8" IG assemblies with 1/4" - 9/16" air space from a single side.
  • Thicker IGs, as well as larger air spaces, can be tested in single-pane mode.
  • Compatible with Pilkington OptiView

Upgraded Features:

  • New:  Membrane style switch that will result in a much more reliable and longer lasting meter.
  • New: Low Battery Indicator. The Low-E detector will indicate that the battery needs to be replaced by blinking the LED indicators.
  • New: The AE1601 is much more capable of maintaining accurate results across a broader range of temperatures due to a new temperature stability program incorporated into the design.
  • New:  LED Indicators make the lights easier to see in all lighting conditions, even outdoors.

Close-up of AE1601 test results.
Close-up of AE1601 test results.
All three lights indicate the meter is contacting the Low-E Coating.

The ETEKT + Low-E Coating detector is the industry standard for instruments detecting the presence and location of thermal resistant coatings (Low-E) used on energy-efficient single, dual, and triple pane glass and window assemblies. The ETEKT+ is a rugged handheld device that is accurate, easy to use, and rarely requires calibration. Place the unit flat on the glass surface, press the button, and read the results.

 Low-E Detection Indicators on a Double Pane Window

User Manual Download

AE1601 User Manual

AE1601 | ETEKT+ Low-E Detector

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