"R-Chek +" Four Point Sheet Resistance Meter

Remove all doubt and ensure your product is coated correctly... without breaking the bank! EDTM is proud to offer budget-friendly Four Point Sheet Resistance Meters calibrated to standards that are traceable to a NIST traceable source.

The resistance of a thin film/coating is directly proportional to the resistivity and is a critical QUALITY CONTROL component of a coating. Therefore, resistivity may be the most important factor in determining the repeatability and function of a coating. Sheet resistance has the unit of ohms, but it is convenient to refer to it in ohms per square since the sheet resistance produces the resistance of the coating within any square area. Therefore, this parameter is measured using the 4-point technique.


Pocket Size Protection for production, R & D, sales, and quality assurance personnel who must know their products are correctly coated.

  • Inspecting Coated Glass
  • Solar Panels or Solar Cells
  • Automotive Mirrors
  • Freezer Doors
  • Glass Top Stoves 
  • Photonics
  • Many other industries


Range: 0-199.9 ohms/square
Resolution: 0.1 ohm/square
Accuracy: 0.9% +/- LSD

User Manual Download

RC3175 User Manual (English, Français, Deutsch, Español)

RC3175 | R-CHEK + Surface Resistivity Meter

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