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Window Energy Profiler Tests Windows In-Frame

Test the energy performance of installed windows. The Window Energy Profiler has a large enough opening to fit over the window sash of an installed window. The WP4500 displays four real-time measurements of windows: the estimated SHGC value along with the UV, Visible Light, and Infrared Transmission values.

Common Applications:

Replacement window sales: The Window Energy Profiler is excellent for testing the existing windows in a home to determine the necessity for new replacement windows. Comparing existing window performance to the performance of the replacement windows offers quantifiable evidence that the replacement windows will make a difference in energy bills, UV damage, natural daylight, etc. Use it alongside the Window Profiler Sales Brochure - a guide designed to help you use the Window Energy Profiler to sell your window's energy performance.

Portable quality control: Test windows at the job site before installation. Remove any incorrect windows before installation to prevent significant time and money-consuming headaches.

Energy Auditors in the field: The WP4500 is the perfect tool to test the energy performance characteristics of installed windows

Identify and differentiate Low-E coatings: By comparing the performance numbers of windows to data sheets, you can determine the type of Low-E coating on windows. For example, you can differentiate Cardinal 366 from 272 or PPG SolarBan 70 from SolarBan 60 in production or the field.

Other Features:

  • Automatic calibration: Measurements automatically revert to '100%' for transmission measurements and '1.00' for SHGC.
  • Hold button: The WP4500 will keep your current measurement displayed by pushing the hold button. This is helpful when you are reaching to take a measurement, and the displays aren't visible at the time of the measurement. Also, in the sales process, this feature allows you to keep measurements displayed long enough to explain exactly what the numbers mean to your customers. 
  • Automatic power-down: This adds to the unit's energy efficiency and keeps the number of battery changes to a minimum.
  • Uses standard 9-volt alkaline battery: These are simple to find, purchase, and replace. You don't have to worry about tracking down an obscure battery or power source at an inopportune time. 
  • Completely portable with a convenient handle for taking measurements: Being battery-powered makes this unit completely portable. You can take measurements anywhere. 
  • Convenient carrying case included: The padded carrying case protects your investment.

For more details on successful sales presentations, see our article, Five Steps to Close More Sales

*Note: SHGC measurement is not valid on window film or colored glass

User Manual Download

WP4500 User Manual (English, Français, Deutsch, Español)

* WP4500 | Window Energy Profiler

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