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The Spectrum Detective

Salespeople can open up their product literature and give statistics about their window. Still, the Spectrum Detective will help you stand apart from other salespeople and shed a positive light on your window product.  The SD2400 allows you to demonstrate your window's energy performance in front of your customer's eyes with a live demonstration.

The Spectrum Detective Displays Three Energy Performance Measurements: 

UV Transmission % Visible Light Transmittance % Infrared Transmission %

 No Light Sources Necessary

Unlike traditional transmission meters, the Spectrum Detective does not have to be calibrated to a light source before conducting a measurement.  The three displays automatically self-calibrate to "100%" when the meter is turned on and simultaneously display performance measurements when a glass sample is slid into the meter's opening.  No power cords or light sources make for a smooth, professional Sales Presentation.


The SD2400 instrument is designed for in-home sales demonstrations along with glass samples.  We recommend coming equipped to the sale with a glass sample of your own product plus various other glass samples to compare energy performance.  The Spectrum Detective will not fit around the sash of existing windows.  For testing existing windows, you must use the Window Energy Profiler.  

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SD2400 User Manual

SD2400 | Spectrum Detective

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