Infrared Heat Lamp with Flip-Up Base

The Infrared Heat Lamp is an essential part of a successful sale. The sun's radiation accounts for 70% of your customer's heating and cooling bill. While Freeze Spray demonstrations only deal with the secondary effect of conduction, the Heat Lamp demonstrates the sun's radiation firsthand. Sell the concept of a hot sun (Heat Lamp) controlled by your Low-E coated windows with our solar meters. Now we can hold your window samples and HEAT-SHEETS in a convenient flip-down base.


  • 250 watts (red) Infrared Heat Lamp with metal cage -- Solar Simulation!! 
  • Engage your customer by letting them feel the heat and see the light 
  • Durable & professional ON/OFF power switch (rocker style)

Quality Features:

  • NEW:  Convenient Magnet designed into the flip-down portion of the base that holds the base in the closed position while handling and storing 
  • NEW:  The design has a reduced footprint size using a smaller bulb, but still produces 250Watts of energy 
  • NEW:  Mounted on a high-quality white laminate plaque (9" X 5") - includes a Flip-Up Base
  • NEW:  Flip-Up Base doubles as a stand to hold a Heat Sheet & Glass Sample 
  • Velcro Cord Wrap for convenient storage of the 15' power cord 
  • 15' Power cord to reach any outlet in your sales presentation area 
  • Non-polarized power plug for universal use - Don't limit your applications

Bulb Options:

  • HL2045 - 120V, 250Watt Bulb 
  • HL2046 - 240V, 250Watt Bulb:   We now offer 240V versions for countries outside the USA.

HL2040 | Infrared Heat Lamp with Flip-Up Base

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