• HS2050 | HEAT-SHEET® Demo Card

The HEAT-SHEET® Temperature Demonstration Card

A simple, economic demonstration of your window or film's energy performance.

The HEAT-SHEET® Temperature Demo Card vibrantly changes color when it encounters heat. To demonstrate the heat-blocking capabilities of your glass or film, use the HEAT-SHEET® Card in combination with a Heat Lamp. The visual demonstration greatly adds to the tangible performance data of many of our other sales tools.

The demonstration shows a dynamic color change in front of an energy-inefficient window sample, while no color change occurs when placed in front of your energy-efficient window. The demonstration shows the customer that your window or film will reduce heat transfer that results from radiant energy, conduction, and convection.

See it in action below. An optional Acrylic Base is used in the video. See information about the Acrylic Base and other demonstration accessories by clicking here


  • The HEAT-SHEET® Demo Card demonstrates all three kinds of heat transfer (radiant, conduction, and convection) 
  • Simple to use and understand 
  • Measuring approximately 6 inches wide by 4 inches tall, it can easily be added to any Sales Kit 
  • Adds an interesting visual demonstration to the tangible performance data shown with many of our other sales tools  

HS2050 | HEAT-SHEET® Demo Card

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