"GlassBuild America Show - 2016 Review"

EDTM 2016 GlassBuild America Review

By Mark Imbrock

EDTM had a booth at the GlassBuild America Show in Las Vegas!  We heard that we had one of the busiest booths, and it was definitely the most people we have ever talked to at a GBA show.  The biggest hit of the show was our Glass-Chek meter line, as well as our Infrared Cameras and Window Energy Profiler.   Our products can truly make a difference for you by saving time and money in the field and factory, but also can help you increase your sales.  
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"The Technical Sale"

October/November 2016 Window & Door Magazine

By Mark Imbrock

In the October/November 2016 issue of Window and Door Magazine, Mark Imbrock wrote an article covering the benefits to invest in tools, that upsell window performance. He emphasized that training your team to be Sales Technicians can gain the trust and credibility, that will win the buyer's confidence.  It is important to, "Invest the time to create a balanced sales kit equipped with appropriate technical tools and a pitch that will speak to both sensory and analytical buyers."
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"Tools for Success"


October 7th, 2016 by Katherine Coig

Mark Imbrock gave a presentation on marketing tools for architectural installers at the IWFA Education Day during the International Window Film Conference and Tint-Off ™.  He brought attention to the importance of identifying types of glass and coating, as an important part of making recommendations for tint-jobs.  Using these detectors can ensure you get an accurate field assessment and prevent making costly mistakes.  
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"New Devices Bring Invisible Energy Performance to Life"

 - "Demonstrating the intangibles makes it easier to sell and upsell" - 


May 1, 2009 By Mark Imbrock & Nick Lipp

The biggest challenge for dealers is selling the unseen - energy performance.  Dealers that are equipped with the right tools for bringing energy performance to life will thrive in this ever changing market.  Ensuring that your sales technicians have the equipment to analyze energy performace of current windows for comparison, creates tangible and credible information for the customer.  
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