Available For The First Time: Cost Effective Infrared Camera Sales Tools

VT04 With Residential LIFETILESYou could expect to spend several thousand dollars on an infrared camera. But now, EDTM is providing an Infrared Camera suitable for sales demonstrations at an incredibly low price! The VT04A Infrared Camera Sales Tool uses thermal imaging to demonstrate the superior energy efficiency of your window or film product. 

To really bring the infrared images to life, use the device with a heat lamp and EDTM's exclusive LIFETILE Temperature Targets. The images on the LIFETILES help show the protection your window product offers in a real life scene - helping the customer picture themselves in the middle of the demonstration.

EDTM is offering complete sales kits that include the Infrared Camera, LIFETILES and additional accessories. You can view these kits by clicking here: SK1940 Kit  |  SK1930 Kit.  The image at right shows the VT04A IR Thermometer with the Living Room Scene LIFETILES.

You must see this demonstration approach to fully appreciate it!  To get a taste for what's possible with these new demonstration tools, click the three video links below. Also, be sure and fill out the contact form to the right, so we can provide you with more information and answer any questions you may have.  Our helpful staff is also available by calling (419) 861-1030.


Product Videos
Click the images below for short demonstration videos.

vt04 livroom video thumbnailVT04 With Living Room Scene LIFETILES. vt04 film video thumbnailVT04 Demonstrating Film on Live Windows vt04 auto lifetiles thumbnailVT04 With Automotive scene LIFETILES.
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SK1940 | Infrared Camera Enhanced Sales Kit
* Glass Sample Set Option:

Lifetile Option:

Enhanced Infrared Camera Sales Kit

Everything you need  to incorporate the powerful Infrared Camera Sales Tools into a dynamic sales presentation is available in this convenient sales kit.

Take the confusion out of getting all the necessary accessories and get a professional sales kit that holds and organizes everything you need.


Infrared Camera Sales Tool 

The VT04A Infrared Camera Sales Tool can be used to demonstrate energy performance of glass samples in an interactive and compelling demonstration.

Simply place two LIFETILE scenes in front of your glass samples and turn the heat lamp on.  The VT04A shows how your glass or film is protecting one scene while the other glass is allowing heat to pass through and heat up the other scene.


LIFETILE Temperature Targets (Architectural)

While the Infrared Camera Sales Tools may be the more exciting and flashy aspect of this new demonstration approach, the LIFETILE Temperature Targets are essential for making the demonstration work.  

Measuring surface temperature of windows and film can be difficult or confusing with any infrared technology.  Using the LIFETILE Temperature Targets makes the measurement much easier, and provides a compelling visual image of the energy performance of your window or film.


SK1930 | Infrared Camera Basic Sales Kit
Lifetile Option: