Prevent Unnecessary Service Calls With an Inexpensive Thermo-Hygrometer

Every winter, the phone starts ringing with customers complaining about condensation on their new windows!  We know that the problem is usually not a window defect but rather the high humidity inside homesreacting to the low temperatures outside.


The TH1900 Thermo-Hygrometer will accurately measure the relative humidity in the home, making it easy for the homeowner to self-diagnose their humidity levels which drastically reduce expensive service calls.  It’s in a window manufacturer’s best interest to be pro-active and provide every customer with an inexpensive EDTM Thermo-Hygrometer to help eliminate those phone calls to the service department.

chart closeup1Save Time & Money by Educating Every Customer

The TH1900 includes a convenient lookup chart (shown at right) that makes it easy for customers to determine when humidity levels are causing condensation to build up on their windows.  Simply give them a low cost Thermo-Hygrometer and explain that low temperatures outside and humidity inside can result in condensation on windows. Point out the included lookup chart they can use for reference.

Custom Branding Available

Place your logo (or your dealer's logo & phone number) at the bottom of the device for an added professional touch. You can also customize the message on the box or even put your logo right on the LCD screen. These customizations are available with higher volume orders. Call us at (419) 861-1030 for details.


  • Prevent condensation related service callsyour logo here1  
  • Gain credibility and trust by educating your customers about humidity and condensation
  • Deeply discounted quantity pricing available
  • Custom branding available for your dealers (requires higher volume order - call 419-861-1030)
  • Compact design - only 4.25" tall and 2.25" wide


TH1900 | Thermo-Hygrometer

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  • $29.00

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  • 100 or more $12.00

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