NEW Improved Model# SP1080: BTU/Watt Solar Power Meter

Replacing the SP1065 Meter

The NEW Improved SP1080 BTU/Watt Solar Meter has all the same features and performance as the original SP1065.  It can switch between two units of measure: BTU/hr*ft^2 and Watts/M². Switching between modes is easily accomplished by using the buttons on the embossed-style power switch.  Whichever unit of measure is chosen by the user becomes the default mode for the meter.


The membrane-style power switch is accompanied by an auto-power-off

circuit that will turn the meter off after a period of inactivity. This will help extend the life of the batteries in this portable device.

Using the Solar Power Meter in Sales Presentations:

The ability to block solar energy is a key performance criteria for windows. Incorporate the SP1080 DIGITAL BTU Solar Meter into your sales presentation and educate your customer on the solar performance of your window. Whether you are measuring in BTUs or Watts, the meter will display the amount of solar energy passing through windows or glass samples.

Features Overview:

  • Take measurements in BTU/hr*ft^2 or W/M²
  • Embossed style power switch for a smooth surface and sleeker appearance
  • Auto power off the circuit to conserve battery life
  • Perfect for tabletop sales demonstrations
  • Identify high-performance windows
  • Digital, modern-day technology
  • Increase sales by educating your customers


The SP1080 is a durable and compact meter that has excellent resolution. The meter is powered by a 9-volt battery and includes a digital display that shows continual solar measurements. The meter is extremely simple to use; just turn on the meter and start taking readings. There are no cumbersome adjustments needed. You can take readings using the sun, or for indoor settings, you can use our Infrared Heat Lamp HL1040 or Infrared Heat Lamp with Flip-Up Base HL2040.


To add Solar Transmission Percentage to your demonstration, see the SP2080 Solar Transmission & Power Meter.

The SP1080 is now available with these accessories to help maximize the quality and effectiveness of your sales demonstration:

HS2056 HL1040 SP2065 SP2075 new sm


HS2056 - Acrylic Base for the "HEAT-SHEET" and Glass Samples:

This 8" x 10" Acrylic Base provides a slot to hold Glass Samples in place to ensure the accuracy and consistency of your solar demonstration. The base can hold one Glass Sample or hold two Glass Samples to provide a side-by-side- comparison of different types of glass. The HS2056 also includes a slot to hold our popular HEAT-SHEET Temperature Demonstration Card which is a perfect complement to the SP2080 in a sales demonstration.



Purchase the HS2056 Acrylic Base here.



SP2075 - Stand for SP1080 and SP2080 Solar Meters

SP2075 sm2This simple stand elevates the SP1080 or SP2080 meter during a tabletop demonstration so the measurement is taken closer to the center of the glass sample. Velcro keeps the meter in place on the stand and helps ensure a consistent and accurate demonstration of glass performance.


The SP2075 meter stand works in conjunction with the HS2056 Acrylic Base, as it fits into slots notched into the base to line the meter up with the center of glass samples whether one or two samples are being used.

Purchase the SP2075 Meter Stand here.

SP1080 | BTU/Watt Solar Meter

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