• SK1230 | UV & Solar Sales Kit

UV & Solar Sales Presentation Kit

Convince your customer to purchase your window instead of your competitors by using our UV & Solar Sales Presentation Kit. Offering a single source for convenient and convincing sales demonstrations, the kit includes locations for window samples, digital meters, lamps, product literature & more. Show your customer performance numbers they understand, by using our simple Solar Transmission (SP2065) and UV Transmission (UV1265) Meters. This demonstration will convince your customers because it operates in terms they can understand. Use modern-day technology instead of meaningless spinning radiometer bulbs and old-fashioned analog BTU meters.


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The SK1230 Includes:


Add additional meters to the kit to customize your presentation. Popular additions include our GS1331 or GS1332  Glass & IG Sample Sets and our MT1575 Non-contact Temperature Guns. Both products add DYNAMIC and convincing displays to your presentation.


uv solar demo


Above: UV1265 and SP2065 meters demonstrate the output from each lamp included in the SK1230 sales kit.


Use glass samples along with your company's window sample to demonstrate how glass blocks unwanted energy from the sun from entering your customer's home.


SK1230 | UV & Solar Sales Kit

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