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The BeamSplitter Pro

Any salesperson can open up their own product literature and give statistics about their window, but what kind of impact does that really make on a potential window buyer?  Successful salespeople translate product features into tangible benefits.  With the BeamSplitter Pro, the benefits of buying your window come to life during your demonstration.


Compare the performance data of glass samples to your window product, and the PR3400 will display the difference in energy efficiency - and how your product will benefit them:


The labelled performance numbers help prove to your prospects that your window will benefit them by:
Protecting their furnishings from fading,
Maximizing visible light, and 
Saving them money on heating & cooling costs


The PR3400 instrument is designed for use in areas where you need to draw attention, such as SHOWROOMS, TRADE SHOWS or large presentation meetings.  Just like the Spectrum Detective, this line-powered instrument allows a user to simultaneously demonstrate UV, Visible, and Infrared transmission values for a given product.  The BRIGHT LED displays on the BeamSplitter Pro will draw attention and can be seen from a greater distance. Simply slide the glass sample into the opening and watch the resulting values be displayed.


The instrument includes a professional carrying case and power cord.


PR3400 | BeamSplitter Pro

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