• SK1830 | Basic Solar Spectrum Meter Kit

The Solar Spectrum Meter Sales Kit (Model # SK1830)

The Solar Spectrum Meter Sales Kit features the SS2450 Solar Spectrum Meter making it the most accurate sales kit offered to date.  The SS2450 is a professional tool that adds instant credibility to your sales presentation.  The extensive measuring capabilities allow you to communicate the various benefits of your product with an extensive and compelling product demonstration.


While the SS2450 is the featured product of this sales kit, several other tools are included to ensure your ability to communicate energy performance to both analytical thinkers and those who prefer to physically see and feel energy performance.

SK1830 web1Analytical Tools

Solar Spectrum Transmission Meter (# SS2450) - Extensively and accurately communicate the energy performance of your window or film while comparing it to other products. 


Non-Contact Temperature Gun (# MT1575) - On sunny days, use the temperature gun to measure the surface temperature of your prospect's existing windows.  Also, use alongside the included heat lamp and glass samples to demonstrate how your energy efficient window or film protects against heat transfer.

Sensory Tools

Infrared Heat Lamp (# HL1040) - The heat lamp is a vital aspect of both the temperature gun demonstration and the HEAT-SHEET® demonstration described below.


HEAT-SHEET® Temperature Demonstration Card (#HS2050) - Our exclusive HEAT-SHEET® allows your prospects to see the heat that passes through inefficient glass.  The visual demonstration is a unique complement to the tangible performance data shown with the analytical tools.


Glass Sample Sizes Have Increased From 6" to 7" Square!

Entire Kit Contents

Solar Spectrum Transmission Meter (# SS2450)
Non-Contact Temperature Gun (# MT1575)

Infrared Heat Lamp (# HL1040)

HEAT-SHEET® Temperature Demonstration Card (#HS2050)

Glass Semple Set (#GS1333)
     - 1 Single Pane Clear
     - 1 Dual Pane Clear
     - 1 Dual Pane Hard Coat Low-E
     - 1 Dual Pane Double Silver Low-E (Soft Coat Low)
     - 1 Dual Pane Triple Silver Low-E (Soft Coat Low)
Professional Carrying Case


SK1830 | Basic Solar Spectrum Meter Kit

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