The NEW Basic Infrared Camera Sales Kit - Model # SK1930

The SK1930 Basic Infrared Camera Sales Kit includes basic tools necessary to incorporate the Infrared Camera into your window or film demonstration.  The affordable C2IR Infrared Thermometer becomes a powerful sales tool when used with the right approach and the SK1930 includes the accessories to put it all together.

How To Perform The IR Camera Sales Demonstration:

This demonstration approach can be seen in the video on the right hand side of this page.


We recommend using the C2IR in combination with LIFETILE Temperature Targets (included in SK1930) which help show the protection your window product offers in a real life scene - making your demonstration hit closer to home.  The LIFETILE Temperature Targets have images printed on them to help customers visualize a living room, car interior and other settings.


Put your glass or film sample (not included in SK1930 but available here) in front of one temperature target and a competing sample in front of the other.  Turn the heat lamp on and point the C2IR at each LIFETILE. Lower performing glass will allow heat through that heats up the temperature targets, and you will see an infrared heat map superimposed over the image of the LIFETILE.  Higher performing glass or film will prevent heat from reaching the temperature target, and your customers will see the LIFETILE image with little or no heat on it.


With the infrared heat map shown as an overlay on the LIFETILE image, the IR Camera shows the performance of your window or film in a way that hits close to home for your customer.


Entire Kit Contents


The SK1930 helps you turn an affordable Infrared Thermometer into a high powered sales tool.  For a kit that includes Glass Samples and additional tools, see the SK1940.


Please check back soon for more details or call (419) 861-1030 for immediate help.

SK1930 | Infrared Camera Basic Sales Kit

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