NEW:  AE2250 Low-E CARD+ - Replaceable Battery

The AE2250 Low-E CARD+ offers a replaceable battery design that can be used indefinitely.  This "+" model will differentiate if the Low-E coating is on Surface 1, Surface 2, or indicate if the glass is uncoated (Clear).  Like the AE2200, there are no metal contacts and the product can be used to test all types of glass.  Therefore it is safe to use on all glass, even if the glass is dirty or has a label or other insulating layer on it.  In orders as small as 100 pieces, brand the Card with your company logo and sales message.  Now you can offer your own branded card for use in the factory or give to customers.

Customize Your Card to Increase Your Brand Awareness!

(Brandable Label on 100 Piece Orders)

  • Differentiate if the Low-E coating is on Surface 1, Surface 2, or indicate if the glass is uncoated (Clear)
  • Perfect for the Field, Factory, or Sales Team
  • Great Gift for Customers, Dealers or Team Members
  • Thin, Convenient Size (Comparable to a Credit Card)
  • Volume Discounts Available
  • Innovative Technology - Nothing Else Like it on the Market
  • Easily fits in a Wallet or Pocket
  • Be Prepared for Any Application - Anytime!
  • Equip ALL your Production Personnel to Reduce Manufacturing Mistakes
  • Equip your Field Service Team to Answer Low-E Questions in the Field Quickly
  • No Metal Contacts to Scratch the Glass
  • Now Every company can offer their own custom branded Low-E CARD+ to their customers or dealer networks.
  • Blanket your dealers with a Low-E CARD+ to create the need for YOUR replacement windows.

* Patent is in process with the United States Patent & Trademark Office.

AE2250 | Low-E CARD+

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  • Availability: In Stock
  • $89.00

  • 5 or more $86.00
  • 10 or more $81.00

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