NEW: Infrared Heat Lamp with Flip-Up Base

The Infrared Heat Lamp is an essential part of a successful sale. The sun's radiation accounts for 70% of your customer's heating and cooling bill.  While Freeze Spray demonstrations only deal with the secondary effect of conduction, the Heat Lamp demonstrates the sun's radiation first hand. Sell the concept of a hot sun (Heat Lamp) being controlled by your Low-E coated windows with our solar meters.  Now we can hold your window samples and HEAT-SHEETS in a convenient flip-down base.


  • 250 watt (red) Infrared Heat Lamp with metal cage -- Solar Simulation!! 
  • Engage your customer by letting them feel the heat and see the light 
  • Durable & professional ON/OFF power switch (rocker style)

Quality Features:

  • NEW:  Convenient Magnet designed into the flip-down portion of the base that holds the base in the closed position while handling and storing 
  • NEW:  The design has a reduced footprint size using a smaller bulb, but still producing 250Watts of energy 
  • NEW:  Mounted on a high quality white laminate plaque (9" X 5") - includes a Flip-Up Base
  • NEW:  Flip-Up Base doubles as a stand to hold a Heat Sheet & Glass Sample 
  • Velcro Cord Wrap for convenient storage of the 15' power cord 
  • 15' Power cord to reach any outlet in your sales presentation area 
  • Non-polarized power plug for universal use - Don't limit your applications

Bulb Options:

  • HL2045 - 120V, 250Watt Bulb 
  • HL2046 - 240V, 250Watt Bulb:   We now offer 240V versions for countries outside the USA.

HL2040 | Infrared Heat Lamp with Flip-Up Base

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