• RX1550 | "RefleX" Coating Detector

"RefleX" Programmable Coating Detector

The first meter of its kind that can be programmed in the field to identify new coatings.


The meter comes pre-loaded with the ability to detect:

  • Low-E Coatings (single pane)
  • Tin Side of clear (uncoated) Float Glass
  • Self-Clean Coatings (Pilkington Activ® and PPG Sunclean®)
  • Guardian ShowerGuard® Coatings
  • Guardian DiamondGuard® Coatings
  • Guardian Surface 4 Low-E Coatings (IS15 & IS20)
  • Cardinal Surface 4 Low-E Coatings (i81 & i89)
  • AR (Anti-Reflective) Coatings
  • Saint-Gobain Bioclean® Coatings


Program the meter to detect first surface coatings:

Users can store calibrations of new coatings that can be tested in the field. After testing the new coating, the instrument displays whether the coating is detectable or not. Calibrations for these new coatings can be stored and even uniquely named. Then the coating can be selected from the menu system and detected. Consult the manufacturer for customized applications of the instrument.

  • Detect up to 22 uniquely named coatings
  • Manage the coatings by adding, deleting or updating them at anytime (this includes the pre-loaded coatings)
  • If the manufacturer makes changes to a coating, the meter can easily be re-calibrated in the field for the new coating


OPTO-CLEAN technology ensures accurate readings:

  • If the OPTO-CLEAN software detects the build-up of dirt on the lens that could affect the accuracy of the reading, the meter displays a warning that instructs the user to clean the lens. 
  • The warning stops once the lens is cleaned, so the operator knows the meter is working properly.


Detect Low-E Coatings:
The meter includes a single pane Low-E coating detector that will operate during all measurements, testing surface 1 and 2 of the nearest pane of glass. LED indicators confirm the coating location.



  • Identify the coated side of glass
  • Meter can easily be re-calibrated, and new coatings can be programmed in the field
  • Use pre-loaded calibrations or self-programmed
  • Powered by standard 9-volt alkaline battery 
  • Automatic power-down extends battery life
  • User-friendly operation with step-by-step directions on how to use
  • Backlit LCD display for any lighting condition
  • Single pane Low-E detection is built in
  • OPTO-CLEAN technology ensures accurate measurements every time


RX1550 | "RefleX" Coating Detector

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