• RD1680 | TIMELESS® Coating Detector

Quickly Identify TIMELESS® Coatings in Production or at Installation

Saint-Gobain's TIMELESS® glass protects itself from corrosion and limescale (hard water) buildup.  SGG TIMELESS® is typically not coated on both sides of the glass. Therefore, installers can use the RD1680 instrument to verify the TIMELESS® coated surface is on the interior of the enclosure.


During installation, verify the coated side of TIMELESS® glass is on the interior of the shower enclosure. Prevent the loss of time and money involved with repairing an incorrect installation, and protect your reputation by doing a professional job. You can also use the instrument to test the glass in front of your customers. This gives them assurance that the glass is installed properly.

OPTO-CLEAN Technology Ensures Accurate Readings

If the OPTO-CLEAN software detects the build-up of dirt on the lens of the meter that could affect the accuracy of the measurement, the meter displays a warning that instructs the user to clean the lens. The warning stops once the lens is cleaned, so the operator knows the meter is working properly.

Easy Field Calibration Prevents Down Time:

Under normal conditions, the meter rarely requires calibration. In the event that a calibration becomes necessary, the meter can easily be calibrated in the field. Error protection is built-in to confirm that a valid calibration has occurred. Typically, there is no need to send the meter back to the factory for calibration. This saves money and prevents down time.


  • Test glass that is annealed or tempered
  • Test glass at incoming or outgoing inspection
  • Test glass during the manufacturing process
  • Use the meter during installation to ensure the TIMELESS® coating goes on the interior of the shower enclosure
  • Use during follow-up field service calls if there are questions from the customer


RD1680 demo1


  • Meter can be re-calibrated in the field
  • Backlit LCD display for any lighting condition
  • Powered by standard 9-volt alkaline battery
  • Automatic power-down feature extends battery life
  • Use in "Single Test" or "Free Run" continuous mode
  • User-friendly operation with step-by-step directions on how to use
  • Ensure professional TIMELESS® installation and give your customers peace of mind
  • OPTO-CLEAN technology ensures accurate measurements every time
  • Made in the USA


RD1680 | TIMELESS® Coating Detector

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