• GC2001 | GLASS-CHEK +

GLASS-CHEK + Digital Glass Thickness Meter
with Single Pane Low-E Sensor

  • Double Pane Thickness Measurement:
    Measure glass, air space and overall IG thickness of double pane windows - all at the single push of a button. The GC2001 works with single pane applications as well.


  • Single Pane Low-E Sensor:
    Detect the presence of Low-E Coatings on the nearest pane of glass. Also determine whether the coating is on surface 1 or surface 2 of the glass (NEW).


For triple pane applications and full Low-E detection, see the Glass-Chek PRO (GC3000) or Glass-Chek ELITE (GC3200)


  • Enhanced Compatibility Means More Applications:
    The Glass-Chek+ is compatible with tinted glass and the newest Low-E coatings, and the thickness range has been expanded to 1.5 inches. The GC2001 is also now compatible with automotive (windshield) applications.


  • Completely Portable:
    Powered by a common (and easily replaceable) 9-volt alkaline battery, the GLASS-CHEK+ goes where you go. With the included protective carrying case, you don't have to worry about the meter getting damaged in the field.


  • Multiple Display Formats:
    You can set up the glass thickness meter to display measurement results in the format that works best for you. Choose from fractions (in inches), hundredths of an inch, decimal, millimeters, and more. Display example in fractions below:


gc2001 demo display1






  • Single and double pane windows for checking in production, verifying at the job site or testing windows already installed in the field.


  • Measure glass deflection in sealed IG window assemblies.


  • Save money, time and increase customer satisfaction by reducing incorrect ordering of IG units.


  • Simple to use: suitable for new or experienced window installers, production personnel, building inspectors, or surveyors.


  • Compatible with automotive (windshield) applications

GC2001 GC3001 GC3200 compare amended




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