• SK1740 | Window Energy Profiler Kit

The Window Energy Profiler Sales Kit - Model # SK1740

Give a thorough, compelling demonstration that will win your customers over.

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The Infrared Heat Lamp and Temperature Gun are classic demonstration tools that most can relate to. But the Window Energy Profiler helps your customers truly understand the invisible performance of your window and appreciate the benefits it will provide for them in their home for years to come.


Unlike previous sales tools, the WP4500 is capable of evaluating the performance of your customers' existing windows. This allows you to give a powerful comparison demonstration making the quality of your windows stand out in a very tangible way.

Using the SK1740 in your sales demonstration:

  • Appeal to your customer's senses with the Heat Lamp demonstration. Turn on the HL1040 or HL2040 Infrared Heat Lamp and allow your customers to feel it's heat. Then place various glass samples between the lamp and their hands. Let them compare how much heat the glass samples (included with kit) block compared to your windows. This is a very simple test that appeals to the senses of your prospect.


  • Quantify the temperature difference they feel with their hands. Use the MT1575 Temperature Gun to actually measure the temperature of the glass samples. The MT1575 will hold a maximum value on the display while continuing to update the current reading. This allows you to do a "before and after" comparison between glass samples that everyone can relate to.

Using the Window Energy Profiler:

  • Use the kit alongside the Window Profiler Sales Brochure - a brochure designed to help you use the Window Energy Profiler to you sell your window's energy performance.


  • Get familiar with the four performance measurements. Before you begin the demonstration, make sure your prospect understands what UV, Visible, Infrared and SHGC represent. For example, you may explain to them:


  • UV Transmission percentage represents the amount of UV light that passes through their windows. UV light is responsible for fading and damaging furnishings around their home.

  • Visible Light Transmission percentage represents the actual visible light from the sun the window lets pass through. Let them know that allowing too much light causes glare and eye strain, but blocking too much light defeats one of the main purposes for having windows in the first place. 

  • Infrared Transmission percentage represents the amount of heat from the sun that your window allows to pass into your home. Explain how they can save money on their energy bills by blocking the sun's heat.

  • SHGC Value is a similar measurement to Infrared Transmission. It represents the amount of heat gain that a window allows into the home due to the sun. It is another good indicator of the impact your windows will have on their energy bills.


If you're using the Window Profiler Sales Brochure, these measurements will be clearly explained in the brochure.


  • Show them how the Window Energy Profiler works.
    You want your prospect to be as "hands on" as possible during the demonstration, so take a moment to make sure they understand how the WP4500 takes real time measurements of windows and glass samples.


  • Begin the demonstration by testing their windows. 
    Hand the Window Energy Profiler to your prospect and ask them to test one of their own windows. As the measurements appear, analyze the readouts one by one and explain the performance of the glass in their home. Write the performance measurements in the Window Profiler Sales Brochure so they can be compared to the glass samples and your window sample.


  • Test the glass samples. (GS1333 Glass Sample Set included with the Sales Kit)
    Now that you have established what they have in their home, test the competing glass samples (clear, double pane clear, double pane double silver soft coat Low-E, double pane triple silver soft coat Low-E and double pane hard coat Low-E) to give them an idea of some of the competing or basic glass on the market right now. Be thorough in explaining the measurements and the performance of each sample, and compare the performance to what they already have.


After you test the competing samples, move on to your own glass samples. The performance readings of your high quality window will speak for themselves.


Glass Sample Sizes Have Increased From 6" to 7" Square!


The SK1740 Sales Kit Includes:


SK1740 | Window Energy Profiler Kit

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