• SK1640 | Window Energy Meter Kit

The Window Energy Meter "Preferred" Sales Kit - Model # SK1640

The SK1640 Sales Kit includes the Window Energy Meter which allows you to demonstrate the SHGC performance of your glass right in front of your customers' eyes!  Simply slide glass samples into the opening of the meter and the UV Transmission %, Visible Light Transmittance, and SHGC performance will be immediately displayed.  The kit also includes glass samples to compare against your window product as well as a temperature gun and heat lamp for simple temperature demonstration.


The Window energy Meter Displays Three Energy Performance Measurements:

Low Number = More Fading Protection
we2500 display uv
High Number = Pleasant, Natural Light
we2500 display visible
Low Number = Lower Bills $
we2500 display shgc


The labeled performance numbers (shown above) help prove to your prospects that your window will benefit them:
• By the UV Performance number, the words "Fading Protection" remind customers that your window will protect their valuable belongings from UV damage. 
• By the Visible Performance number, the words "Natural Daylight" remind customers that your window will still let in pleasant, natural light even while blocking the detrimental aspects of the sun's rays 
• By the SHCG number, the words "Heating & Cooling Costs " bring the discussion back to the almighty dollar reminding them that your window product will keep more dollars in their own pockets.


 Glass Sample Sizes Have Increased From 6" to 7" Square!


The SK1640 Sales Kit Includes:

• WE2500 Window Energy Meter w/ SHGC

• GS1332 Glass & IG Sample Set
GS1331 may be substituded by request

• MT1575 Temperature Gun

Choice of:  HL1040 Infrared Heat Lamp  or  HL2040 Infrared Heat Lamp with Flip-Up Base (Each offered with 120V or 240V bulb options)

• Professional Canvas carrying case

• Space for other tools


sk1640 contentsSD2400 demo infrared

SK1640 | Window Energy Meter Kit

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