• GS1333 | Glass Sample Set

Glass Sample Sizes Have Increased From 6" to 7" Square!

The GS1333 is a glass sample set available as a standalone item or in sales kits. The samples are used to compare against the energy efficiency of your glass during a sales demonstration.


The GS1333 includes:
- 1 Single Pane Clear
- 1 Dual Pane Clear
- 1 Dual Pane Hard Coat Low-E 
- 1 Dual Pane Double Silver Low-E (Soft Coat Low)
- 1 Dual Pane Triple Silver Low-E (Soft Coat Low)


Glass Samples are an integral part of Sales KitsSolar Transmission demonstrations, "HEAT-SHEET" demonstrations, Energy Transmission demonstrations and more.


The GS1333 is 1 of 3 standard glass sample sets available from EDTM. See the three standard sets here, or give EDTM a call to inquire about a custom glass sample set.


GS1333 | Glass Sample Set

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