• FS2060 | Freeze Spray for Seal Failure & Demonstrations

Freeze Spray for Seal Failure & Demonstrations

EDTM FREEZE SPRAY lowers component temperatures to -65'F (-54'C). Use the spray to demonstrate the effectiveness of your energy insulating products, by showing how thermal conductance is minimized.  Prove to customers how well your product performs against competitors. 


FREEZE SPRAY is also great for testing windows for seal failure. Simply spray near the corner of a double pane or triple pane window. Wipe away the frozen layer from the first surface, and check to see if there is a build up of frost on the other side of the glass that is facing the air space. A layer of frost facing the inside air space confirms the presence of moisture inside the "sealed" window.  Moisture inside the air space of the window is a good indicator that the seal has been jeopardized. 


Take advantage of branding opportunities. Put your own logo or brand on the label when purchasing quantities of 500 or more.


• anti-static
• plastic safe
• non-abrasive
• safe on most surfaces
• dries instantly
• leaves no residue


Each can contains 10 ounces.  Pricing is $15 for each can. Or buy a 12-pack case and save $36 with the quantity discount.


FS2060 | Freeze Spray for Seal Failure & Demonstrations

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