• TS1480 | Rechargeable Tin Side Detector - Higher Intensity Glow

NEW: Tin Side Detector - Higher Intensity Glow (Model # TS1480)

This NEW Tin Side Detection Lamp is the perfect solution for brighter lit environments where it can be difficult to see the glowing tin side of the glass AND you can not plug into a power outlet.  This RECHARGEABLE MODEL with up to a 4 hour battery life allows you to test glass in almost any environment.  The DUAL BULB system offers a strong glow on the glass, making it very easy to identify the tin surface of the glass.  Charge the TS1480 in between applications, so it is ready to operate the next time it is needed.   The power cord stores conveniently inside the product case.  If one bulb provides enough intensity for your application, you can choose to turn off one of the bulbs during operation to conserve battery life.  The strap on the back side of the instrument makes it convenient to hold and operate.  The TS1480 is great for testing single pieces of glass, as well as stacks of glass that have a small portion of the glass face exposed.  The TS1480 comes standard in a 115V version, but can be custom ordered in 230V as well.


Please note, the lamps of the TS1480 will not operate while the unit is charging.   The lamps will only operate when the unit is unplugged from the power outlet. 


About Tin Side:
During the production of float glass, one side of the molten glass comes into contact with a bath of molten tin. Traces of tin or tin oxide metal are deposited on the surface of glass as it is removed from the molten tin bath. This surface of the glass is identified as the "TIN SIDE" surface of the glass. The opposite side of the glass is denoted as the "AIR SIDE".


The presence of the tin is invisible to the human eye. Glass processors find it beneficial to know which surface of the glass is the tin side surface, since the tin side of the glass results in a smoother surface (among other reasons).


When the Tin Side Detector lamp is placed on the tin side surface, the tin will fluorescence and produce a milky white image that is visible to the human eye. If you place the lamp on the non-tin side of the glass, the lack of tin results in no fluorescence and therefore only the duller image of the lamp is seen.


TS1480 | Rechargeable Tin Side Detector - Higher Intensity Glow

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