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-- Glass Replacement Made Easy --

With one push of a button, the Glass-Chek PRO tells you the exact replacement IG unit to order!  The Glass-Chek PRO is suited perfectly for glass replacement, but it's perfect for many other applications as well. Whether you're installing or servicing in the field, spot checking in production, or inspecting a building, the Glass-Chek PRO simply gives you the answers you need. No guesswork - just simple results.


The Glass-Chek PRO has a number of advantages over previous models. New and improved features include:


•New - Triple Pane Thickness Measurement:
Measure glass, air space and overall IG thickness of triple pane windows - all at the single push of a button. The GC3000 works with single and double pane applications as well.

gc3000 thickness display1


• New - Low-E location & type from a single side
The Glass-Chek PRO is capable of locating a Low E coating on a double pane window from a single side. This is a major advantage while testing multi-story buildings where you only have access to the inside of the window.

gc3000 lowe display1


• New - Identify Type of Low-E Coating and Determine Silver Layers:
When the Glass-Chek PRO detects a Low-E coating, it displays whether it is hard or soft coat low-E. When a soft coat is detected, the meter classifies it as single, double, or triple silvered. This enables users to identify types of low-E coatings in the factory or in the field, and it's especially useful for glass replacement applications.


Importance of knowing Low-E Type 
When replacing glass, you must know the type of Low-E being used. Using the wrong coating can negatively affect the energy performance of a window. Additionally, the type of coating used on glass significanly effects the way a window reflects light. If you use a coating inconsistent with what is used throughout the rest of the building, the visual appearance will be affected, and the window could look significantly different than the other windows. The Glass-Chek PRO is the only tool that can tell you the precise coating needed to replace glass properly.


If you happen to know the manufacturer of the glass, in many cases you can identify the specific low-E coating used to make the window. Here are some examples:


gc3000 low e table


• New - Enhanced Compatibility Means More Applications:
The Glass-Chek PRO has an expanded thickness range of approximately 2 inches (improved from 1.2 inches) and is compatible with residential and commercial glass. It's also compatible with new Low-E coatings, suspended film (i.e. Heat Mirror), tinted glass, and displays the total thickness of laminated glass. No other product in the world can handle this combination of applications.


• New - Multiple Display Formats:
You can set up the Glass-Chek PRO to display measurement results in the format that works best for you. Choose from actual values or rounded to ASTM Standards in fractions (in inches), thousandths of an inch, decimal millimeters and more.


• New - Multiple Languages available:
The Glass-Chek PRO can be formatted to display in the following languages: English, German, French, Spanish (Latin America), Dutch and Italian. The meter comes pre-formatted in English but can be changed by the user. If you would prefer to have your meter pre-formatted in a different language, please specify when placing your order.


• Completely Portable:
Powered by a common (and easily replaceable) 9-volt battery, the Glass-Chek PRO goes where you go. With the included protective carrying case, you don't have to worry about the meter getting damaged in the field.


• Made in the USA by EDTM:
Over the last 20 years, glass test equipment from EDTM has been trusted by over 5000 companies worldwide. EDTM designed and developed every element of the Glass-Chek PRO and manufactures the meters in its Toledo, OH plant. If you ever have a technical question or problem with the Glass-Chek PRO or any of EDTM's tools, expert service is only a phone call away. If your meter were to ever be damaged, you can rest assured that EDTM will be there to get it working again. When you buy from EDTM, you buy from a company that has a 20 year track record of standing behind its products and being there for its customers.


• Measure single, double and triple pane windows for checking in production, verifying at the job site or testing windows already installed in the field.


• Ensure proper orientation of Low-E coatings during installation, inspection or during the production process.


• Order the correct replacement IG unit by determining glass thickness characteristics and the type of Low-E coating. Save time & money and increase customer satisfaction by reducing incorrect ordering of IG units.


• Measure glass deflection in sealed IG window assemblies.


• Measure thickness on many automotive applications.


• Suitable for new or experienced window installers, production personnel, building inspectors, or surveyors.


GC3000 | Glass-Chek PRO

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