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Window Energy Pro

Demonstrate the energy efficiency of your window product.  The EP3500 is specifically designed for large scale presentations or show room displays. The bright and bold LED displays ensure that your performance numbers can be seen from a long distance. The unit also comes with a power cord to ensure you can easily reach an outlet.


The meter itself makes it easier for your customers to associate performance numbers with the undeniable benefits your window product has to offer:

  • By the UV Performance number, the words "Fading Protection" remind customers that your window will protect their valuable belongings from UV damage.
  • By the Visible Performance number, the words "Natural Daylight" remind customers that your window will still let in pleasant, natural light even while blocking the detrimental aspects of the sun's rays
  • By the SHCG number, the words "Heating & Cooling Costs" bring the discussion back to the almighty dollar reminding them that your window product will keep more dollars in their own pockets.


Please note that the Window Energy Pro is capable of testing glass samples only.  The opening is not large enough to fit around the sash of the window.  For testing existing windows, see the Window Energy Profiler.


***The SHGC portion of the EP3500 has been calibrated to test traditional, transparent Low-E windows or clear glass. It may not be suitable for testing colored, tinted or reflective glass typically found in commercial applications.***


EP3500 | Window Energy Pro

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