EDTM, Inc. designs, manufactures and sells the equipment found on our site. Our products can be purchased through these reputable distributors world-wide.  The distributors below have been authorized to sell EDTM's products in your region.  These distributors are experts at minimizing the cost of importing our products to your region.

PLEASE NOTE:  The prices shown on EDTM's website are FOB factory Toledo, Ohio USA. EDTM's website prices DO NOT include shipping, insurance, VAT, duties, customs and brokerage fees, or any other costs that are associated with importing the products to a given country. If you notify a distributor in your region, they will include all of these costs in their quoted price. Because of this, be aware that the distributors price may seem higher than what is listed on EDTM's website. In reality, the distributors' price will be better than EDTM's website price because the distributors are purchasing the products in volume, helping to amortize the cost of importing the products to your country. The distributors price will include all of the costs associated with getting the product into your country. EDTM can not estimate these costs for every country in the world, which is why it is beneficial to purchase our products from a distributor in your region.

Austria Distributors

Adler glastech GmbH 

Contact Information


Adler glastech GmbH
Dr. Skala-Strasse 3-5
1210 Wien / Vienna
Österreich / Austria
Kontakt / Contact:
Gerhard Adler
Tel +43 1 292 27 66
Fax +43 1 292 29 66
E-Mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Produktübersicht / Products Carried


  • Detektor Low-E Beschichtung / Low E Detectors: AE1601, AE3600, AE2250
  • Glasdickenmesser / Glass & Air Measurement: GC3001, GC3200, MG1500
  • Zinnseiten Detektor / Tin Side Detector: TS1320, TS2300
  • Testgerät Energieeffizienz Fensterglas / Window Energy Profiler: WP4500
  • Prüfgerät Sicherheitsglas ESG/TVG / Strengthened Glass Detector: SG2700
  • Messgeräte Sonnenenergie & UV / Solar and UV Meters: SS2450, UV1256,
    XM1400, TC3800
  • Detektor spez. Beschichtungen / Specialty Coating Detectors: RD1661,
    RD1680, RC2175