E4IR Infrared Camera

If you are looking for a complete solution to your sales presentation, as well as a device that can analyze the existing windows and walls in a building, then the E4IR is your solution.  The E4IR can be used with LIFETILES for a table-top demonstrtation, but the E4IR is also the lowest cost option on the market that can provide a high resolution infrared heat image, over-layed on a digital image of the structure.  The resolution is strong enough to be able to see the studs in a wall, as well as any gaps in insulation or other thermal break-downs. 


Use the E4IR to demonstrate the outstanding performance your building product offers, and then use the same instrument to analyze the customers existing building.  Images can be stored and later downloaded conveniently from the camera.  


Applications Include:

  • Windows
  • Siding
  • Roofing
  • Insulation
  • Many other building materials

The E4IR includes several value-added features over the C2IR including:

  • 4800 (80 x 60) pixel thermal image
  • -4° F to 482° F temperature range
  • 3" color LCD display
  • On-board 640x480 pixel digital camera
  • MSX® Thermal Image Enhancement for extra detail and clarity in real time
  • User friendly design with simple operation
  • Rechargeable and swappable Lithium Ion Battery
  • Temperature measurement to quantify the color difference in the image
  • Includes FLIR Tools software to help create simple reports that give compelling evidence for window replacement or other repairs 

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E4IR | FLIR E4 Infrared Camera

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