• BOOK02 | 10 Steps to Selling

"10 Steps to High Definition Selling"

A simple to read book that helps your sales force sell more windows.


This book explains how to sell without brow beating or using high-pressure sales techniques. It is well organized, easy to read, and is the perfect sales book for new or experienced sales engineers. We find that when people combine solid sales techniques with our glass, film, and window sales kits, sales should increase dramatically. The tools and the techniques for selling for windows is now at your finger tips.


Nothing speaks more clearly then your fellow successful sales people in the field.


With insight and experience, Zabec turns the ten steps of selling into the ten laws of selling.
Armed with the 10 Steps, you are going to make a lot of money.
-- Wayne Fedrick, Group VP Alside, Inc.


Michael Zabec is a Maestro of Sales! While he often flavors his work with humor and fun,
there is always the substantive message that gives practical, usable tips and methods.
-- Don Santillo, National Sales Manager, Winchester Industries

On Books available from EDTM:

EDTM, Inc. sells the best book available for increasing customer home demonstration sales and understanding how windows work.  No single book demonstrates how to do home sales better, quicker or more successfully than this book: "10 Steps to High Definition Selling." It is specifically designed for the home window sales market. New and old salespeople alike should read it.

BOOK02 | 10 Steps to Selling

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