• AE1601 | ETEKT+ Low-E Detector

ETEKT + Low-E Detector

The ETEKT + has been serving an important role for glaziers worldwide for nearly 25 years: locate invisible Low-E coatings on IG units with a definitive, non-destructive test. With the release of the AE1601 (second generation ETEKT+), we've made some improvements to the reliability and temperature stability of the meter without compromising the features our customers have grown to love.

The NEW ETEKT + Low-E Coating Detector allows you to:

  • Confirm the invisible Low-E coating is properly installed on your double pane IG units with a single test from a single side. You can also test a triple pane window by testing both sides of the window. For full triple pane Low-E detection, see the Glass-Chek PRO & Glass-Chek ELITE.

  • During IG fabrication, ensure proper orientation of the Low-E coated glass so it is not damaged by the brushes of the glass washer.

  • Prove to the customer that the invisible, money saving Low-E coating is present on their windows before installation.


Features and Details:

  • Being handheld in size and powered by a common 9-volt battery (included), the ETEKT + is completely portable.

  • Compatible with 3/32" through 1/4" SINGLE pane of glass.

  • Also compatible with 3/32" & 1/8" IG assemblies with 1/4" - 9/16" air space from a single side.

  • Thicker IGs, as well as larger air spaces, can be tested in single pane mode.

  • Compatible with Pilkington OptiView

Upgraded from the original AE1600 Low-E Coating Detector:

  • New: Low Battery Indicator. The Low-E detector will indicate that the battery needs replaced by blinking the LED indicators.

  • New: The AE1601 is much more capable of maintaining accurate results across a wider range of temperatures due to a new temperature stability program incorporated into the design.


Close-up of AE1601 test results.
ae1601 demo lights1
All three lights indicate the meter is contacting the Low-E Coating.


The ETEKT + Low-E Coating detector is the industry standard for instruments detecting the presence and location of thermal resistant coatings (Low-E) used on energy efficient single, dual and triple pane glass and window assemblies. The ETEKT+ is a rugged handheld device that is accurate, easy to use, and rarely requires calibration. Place the unit flat on the glass surface, press the button and read the results.



Spec AE1601


AE1601 | ETEKT+ Low-E Detector

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